Melina: Poems from the heart

John Kyriazoglou

Λίγα λόγια για τον/την συγγραφέα


62 Poems about Life, Friendliness, Love and Nature inspired by Ancient Greek Wisdom List of poems 1. Melina: The Rose in my Heart 2. Love with my soul. 3. A Spring Prayer 4. A prayer for a new soul.5. A tribute to an academic friend 6. Easter. 7. Change me. 8. Find your inner soul. 9. Time 10. Dreams. 11. The Value of a Poem 12. Drive me away from loneliness to love. 13. A Morning Kiss 14. Memories of Two Lands. 15. Simplicity. 16. Words 17. The Bright Side of Life. 18. Alone with my thoughts 19. Trilogy of Life. 20. Time-Space Continuum 21. Myths, Fables and Dreams. 22. True Love of God

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