Life recollections of a Greek immigrant from Kiveri to San Francisco

Τakis S. Hasapis

Λίγα λόγια για τον/την συγγραφέα


When you are 84 years old, and you attempt to write your autobiography, you run the risk of forgetting many details in the process.  Your problem is, as Shakespeare said, “Old men forget.”  Even so, I will try to narrate the highlights of my life as best as I can; I’ll touch upon my early years of grammar school and the Second World War, my high school and college years, and my American odyssey.  However, I would say that throughout the years, my vocabulary has greatly increased and my pronunciation is nearly perfect, since I first came to this country.  My effort will be to employ a simple language which some readers may find rather idiomatic.  I will avoid intellectual excesses, outlining only what I consider to be of interest.  Besides my life recollections, I’ll express some of my views on certain topics.

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