Poet’s Garden

Spiros K. Karamountzos

Λίγα λόγια για τον/την συγγραφέα


SPIROS K. KARAMOUNTZOS is a famous and charismatic Greek poet and writer. His poetry is an open window to the world and all the people. His garden is a beautiful place too. Wandering in it (reading his poem by the same title), we can see a lot of trees and flowers: sunflowers, basils, carnations, geraniums, dahlia, violets, daisies, chrysanthemums, cyclamens, pomegranate trees, roses, vines, fir trees, almond tress, olive trees, walnut trees, fig trees, bay… “Poet’s garden is a small heaven on earth…” The harmony of colours in nature calm us, a wealth of words, feelings, memories and pictures gain our estimation. The poet helps us to become more profound too. If we want it, of course. His poetry is pervaded by love for the nature, people and life. The theologian and writer Mr. Antonis Mentes, writes about this: “In the whole of his poetic work, we read poems with personal deposit of heart, a living testimony of love”. We’ll add that his work has a clear orientation in light and life. The big gift of life. The poet has enclosed in a few or more verses, all “the light of words”, a heartbeat, the blossoming of hope, love’s words, the morning dewdrops, a double joy, an intellectual inquiry, a smile, the past and the present…

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