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Hegumen Ignatius (Raksha† 1986), the elder Ignatius, who served in the Mamvrian oak in Hebron, is a Russian. Originally from the Crimea, he was captured during the war, ended up in Germany, then in the Holy Land. Hegumen Ignatius worked in the Trinity Cathedral together with the monk George, except for them in the church there were no ministers. The elders did not miss a single night without a prayer before the Lord - they had whole night liturgies, matins, Divine Liturgy, and worked during the day. The elder was the keeper of the holy oak, near which Patriarch Abraham provided hospitality to the three Angels. . As soon as bugs, worms started, he immediately called for special doctors. When Abbot Ignatius appeared before the Lord in the Hebron temple, one branch of an ancient oak tree was still green. Once at noon, when Ignatius stood on the balcony, the Most Holy Trinity appeared to him, like the Forefathers, in the form of three wanderers. Since then, at 13 o’clock in the afternoon strange flowers appear at this place every day, tender, blue - for a short time, for about ten minutes, then disappear, as if they were not there. No one is able to either pick a flower or dry it. Elder Ignatius had eyesight above natural. He was often beaten by demons. Abbess Theodora personally was a witness: they are sitting, talking in a calm atmosphere, the old man will leave for a moment, and he will return full of blood. “What's wrong with you, father ?!” “Nothing, nothing, thank God for everything,” the old man will meekly smile, and they continue the conversation. Once, an old man told mother Theodore: “In Holy Russia there will still be the Anointed of God,” and he burst into tears.Another time, he pointed with his hand from the balcony: "The earth is on fire, the earth is burning, can not you see?" “No,” mother admitted honestly.“And I see, and I'm scared.Read the Gospel, Psalter!The end of the world is approaching, and people are still unrighteous and cruel, and they don’t hear that death is coming to them. And now - the last time the Lord punished people with water, and this time he will punish them with fire.

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