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Miss Tiger

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Nurburgring is one of the most demanding tracks on the planet. Many kinds of motorsports organize Gps there every year and many drivers around the world travel there to compete and test their strength. But what happens when a track like this becomes a place of competition, human relationships, controversy? Clair is a first-time but yet mature racer, apart from the rails and beyond the ordinary society. With her presence and strong will she will make a big revolution inmotorsports and will push for revisions and changes. With her knowledge and progressive mind she manages and establishes an imposing female presence in a traditionally male-dominated sport. With the backdrop of the medieval atmosphere of the city and the state-of-the-art world of racing cars, a story full of action, emotions and feelings unfolds. Come and travel to the distant and countryside Nurburgring and feel life in motorsports, through the eyes and soul of a female racing driver.

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