The engineer

Miss Tiger

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The engineer Nefeli is a young car mechanic-manufacturer who will take the big step to travel to the English countryside, to a British village the “Old Road” to take her place at TVR (construction company), make use of her talent, and much more, ready for new adventures. The lifestyle in the British countryside will be different, and it has different rules that she does not know. She will see new things that she does not know. Will she be able to adapt and learn them? She and her childhood sisterly friend meet again after years ... Lady Mackenzie's dirty games will get in the way ... The aristocracy and the titles of England will bring her against ... Love and human relationships will confuse and upset balances ... She is courageous, she is dynamic, she is wild, she is vulnerable, she is bright, she is dark, she is dangerous, she is a big heart, she loves ... Together with the rest of her friends, they will become a strong team. And team means all for one and one for all, it means family, no one to be left behind not to be forgotten. Follow the adventures of young friends from the countryside who are trying to build their own paradise ...

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Φράση κλειδί:Female engineer england ireland irish Nefeli Ian Jodie Niamh uk countryside rural tv series novel scenery
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