Track Nurburgring 2 (The secret under the track)

Miss Tiger

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Track Nurburgring No2 (The secret under the track) ... Ladies and gentlemen start your engines! Opel's two team-mates, Clair and Erik are come back again in legentary track Nurburgring! This time the DTS drivers have to cope in the coronavirus pandemic. How will they be able to continue the race car driving they love? What is it like to be a race driver in such a phase? How does it affect you? It is something that every person feels differently. They have a lot to learn about themselves and the world. Internal conflicts, new challenges will get on their way. They have to get along in order to save their team. They have a lot to discover. They will soon learn that in motorsports whatever shines is not gold ... A mystery under the track, mistakes of the past, a pandemic and secrets well hidden from the time when Germany was divided in two pieces are some of the new trials to face, but all will be well for the two Opel drivers if ... they race as one!

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