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This guide-book was inspired by my successful attempt to build a barbeque station for me and my son. We faced many difficulties to estimate the needed volume of materials for ground constructions and so I decided to write and issue a guide book in order to give specific directions on how to prepare various material mixtures for various constructions. I started writing relevant articles which were published on my website and my blog since September 2010. At times, friends suggested gathering all those articles in a book, giving me the motivation to examine thoroughly my articles and rewrite them so as to form a practical constructions guide. In this book I estimate the needed quantities using known material units that are easily measurable such as carts, cans, liters, kilograms, etc. so that is understandable and easy to follow by the reader. Lastly, I chose to issue this guide in an A5 size to be easier to print the pages you need and have them anywhere with you. Note that newer versions of this book will follow enriching its content.

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