1041 Extraordinary, unique, and rare English words: Αdvance your language level, expand your vocabulary, and impress your examiners!

Georgios Athanasiou

Λίγα λόγια για τον/την συγγραφέα


1041 rare, unique and extraordinary English words! Words that distinguish themselves from the herd, conveying a special and unique sense upon their use; words that impress even the most educated native speakers! Use them in your written word or daily conversations and cast a most special dimension in human interaction. Use them even in your English exams to impress the examiners and successfully pass any English exam… The material of the collection is derived from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a legendary resource and online English dictionary provider, part of Encyclopedia Britannica Company. The whole project constitutes a painstaking effort of collecting them on the part of the editor, word by word, day in and day out, for more than 5 years. All words are presented with their grammatical nature, meaning, example sentences, accompanied with a more than interesting and beautiful part of “Did you know” paragraph, explaining their origin. You’ll be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised to know that a great deal of these words is not… English at all! In all likelihood, you’ll be amazed at the richness, variety and abundance of linguistic interactions through the centuries and the etymological journey each word made to arrive at this epoch! According to official studies, any language is a high frequency content. The more active one becomes in language issues the more he/she increases his/her brain energy frequency! Particularly in English, 1000 words cover 85% of anything a native speaker is going to say in daily communication; 3000 words give 98% of anything you’re going to say in daily conversation; accordingly, if you got 3000 words you’re speaking the language! The rest is icing on the cake! How about now mastering 1041 beautiful and unique words and put the icing on the cake? How about increasing your brain frequency by idulging in this unique collection of rare words? If you really want to advance in English and add a picturesque and eloquent dimension in your writing or oral speech, here’s your chance to initiate yourself with a set of 1041 unique words. A package of lexical quality suitable for any individual on the planet who wishes to qualitatively advance his/her linguistic level, and not only this! Exploit them and pass the test of life! To your success

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