How to learn English (and get certified) on your own: Millennia-old method experts don’t want you to know, now revealed!

Georgios Athanasiou, Cpn (Rt)

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# Do you check your English level as often as your car's engine oil before a long trip? Is your current level of English then at the "safe" professional or international level? # Would you be willing to learn, and raise your language quality standards on your own? # Are you capable enough of obtaining English credentials in order to advance both in personal and professional life? # "You can get linguistically certified without huge amounts of money spent on English courses or private classes, working from home". Would you freely agree with this statement? # Do you REALLY wish to advance your current level of English and get a much coveted certificate at a significantly small portion of your income? Approximately 2 billion people speak English as their first or second language. The rest 5 billion people try to learn English and get the benefits of the so-called western culture. States, public systems, companies, political and defense international organizations, students, tourists, and professionals alike, spend fortunes to learn the global language of our age in order to advance in every possible field. Now it’s your time to do it on your own; get certificates and move on with your life at a tiniest portion of your income and working from home! Do it yourself; ignore the mainstream belief system which says that it takes years to raise your language standards. In the book you will find a tested method by which everybody on the planet can learn English; not only learn but perfect it and get certified at B1-B2, C1-C2 levels, according to the Common European Framework! It's the strategy I followed to positively affect my professional life. By focused labour, persistence, devotion, and a certain way of working, each one of you is capable of doing the same and here's the chance to grasp the principle of action. It's been proven; it's scientifically testified and vividly imprinted on my personal history's official records. Get the REAL essence of how to learn a foreign language on your own. Study thoroughly each chapter and seal off your ears to doubts and disbeliefs. If you are immune to the opinions and actions of the conventional wisdom of others, you will eliminate a whole load of needless wandering around in your learning process. Rest assured that at the end of the tunnel, you will crank up your level of satisfaction, be it in personal or professional life. Work at home and obtain official credentials that will allow you to freely manoeuvre in today's global environment, as English has irreversibly been the earth’s communications means. And you will be surprised at how many doors English unlocks for you in such a globalized environment. Plus, discover the truth behind the scenes of the official language-learning system practiced and followed, mainly, in Greece, and swim against the mainstream river for your own joy, and personal satisfaction. See yourself how to neutralize experts' imposed beliefs and tactics. Most importantly, get certificates in B1-B2, C1-C2 levels, and travel the world, either as a tourist or as a professional, at a tiny percentage of your salary compared with the official establishment's set of cost. You are to mathematically see benefits indeed!

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