Successful career in the Greek Army! The officer’s silent, and quality revolution

Georgios Athanasiou

Λίγα λόγια για τον/την συγγραφέα


Probably the world’s first English language project in its field. Timeless, complete, all-in-one, one-of-a-kind, success manual for open-minded Officers and NCOs. The ebook that covers all theatres of military life and provides a unique glimpse into why the members of the Armed Forces, in general, are unique on their own; and gives “scientific” explanation of the unexplained and unexpected situations that occur during a military career in the Greek Army! Health, transfers, discipline, foreign languages, Greek language, fitness, leaves, sick leaves, peace-keeping missions, report writing, successes and failures, relations with superiors and subordinates, and many more issues are all analyzed in this project, which has already gained an almost cult following. Highly readable and most philosophical, it’s a military reality-based amalgam which reveals how a variety of unexplained events are deeply interconnected. Your past and present is responsible for many of the most profound failures in your career! Combining deep observation and unconventional military mindset, it helps the individual Officer/NCO break away from the cycle of negative behaviours by revealing how painstaking thinking and beliefs can change one's career (now and after), his emotional reactions and habit-forming sick patterns. We do not lead happy careers because we live a lie. But we succeed only because we are fair and honest with ourselves and others. This project demonstrates that everything we do is in constant relationship with everything in our career. It’s plainly the largely untold story of the role of individual responsibility in the course of a career. And pulling together a vast array of examples and analyses, the ebook tells us that the idea of “it’s-the-system-that-is-to-blame-for-my-failure” is one of the worst misconceptions we make. Delving into his past to mine declassified memory records, the writer tried to reveal the “missing link” in all Greek Army colleagues’ common history. He tried to shed new light on everything from weird behaviour to unjust transfers to bad health misconceptions and terror-lust threats. Drawing on a wealth of experiences, as well as hitherto overlooked deep beliefs, this is also the first book of its kind to draw on situations which contain some wide-impacting shameful secrets. Packed with incidents straight out of an entire career, the Successful Career in the Greek Army’s 25 chapters and almost 250 pages is an exhilarating voyage to the past, present, and the future as well, meant to accompany all military readers in their career’s journey! Living cases of Sergeants, Master Sergeants, Sergeant Majors (NCOs and Extended Service Volunteers), Warrant Officers, 1st and 2nd Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, Colonels, Brigadier Generals and Generals will surely bring about laughter, sorrow, pride, food for self-pondering, recollection and self-inspection. Greek Army’s unspoken scenarios have decided to reveal their identity at last. And someone makes the beginning…

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